3 Reasons Why Reference Check Is Waste Of Time

candidate verification checkReference check is as important as having interview with candidate. We are following traditional way of doing this job where we get reference information from candidates and we talk to them to get the data. Time has come to change this traditional way as continuing the same is going to be wasting of our time. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Imposture referees

Usually candidates are giving two contacts as their references, though somewhere it used to have or forced to have more than five. We have no guarantee that the referees real as described by candidates. Referee can be his friend, relative or the good relationship colleague from his company. Even highly experienced recruiters are missing to catch these impostures.

I have seen some lucky recruiters who received bad feedback about the candidate rejected the bad candidates, as they think, successfully. The risk here is we are not sure how much referees words’ are genuine. Many of the situations, as per study, managers are the major reason for candidates’ resignation from his company. Here, we cannot expect manager to give the good feedback about candidate. Even if the referee says “he won’t fit for industrial culture”, it is debatable.

Assume that, referee is completely correct and the candidate is really bad as per his referee’s feedback and we rejected him. Then it is very easy for candidate to change his referee. And he will be success in next reference check. We cannot claim that this is successful reference check, as we are not finding the bad but passing them to others.

2. Pseudo companies

Many companies exist in the world which does not doing any functions but just supplies experience certificates. They take calls and address reference check quires. They will, also, be personally available to answer background verification checks. It is very difficult to suspect the companies genuineness unless they are into bigger scam. Doing reference check with them will be always success but failure for recruiters.

3. Collaboration

Recruiter’s collaboration with referee plays important role here. As long as it is healthy he can get valuable amount of information. Availability of referee for non-official works becomes tougher now as industry is moving towards more agile. Sitting in two different geographical locations, they are lots of cultural differences. Asking more questions and sub-questions creates uncomfortable to the referee which makes him to close the conversation as quick as possible. It is reality that when referee gets more number of calls on same day, he tend to close the conversation quickly.

it is time to create a new innovative way of reference check. Until then, it is waste of time.


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