Original Vs. Shadow: Hiring Right Hire Vs. Avoid Hiring Bad Hire

shadow-illusion3Having bad hire costs much, to any organization’s recruitment and operational cost. Sometimes it can create impact in YoY/QoQ sheet as well. Bad hire creates not just loss in profit to the organization but also the damage to the organization’s reputation. Bad hire is unacceptable in any form to any organization.

So by nature every interviewer gets an mindset of “Avoid Hiring Bad Hire”. It looks like it is targeting to hire good candidates. But that is not true! Let’s see how. Every interviews wanted right people to get hired for their organization. Their intention is good. Problem there is, the mindset they have, which creates the path their interview direction. They wanted to be very conscious in avoiding bad hire rather than having good hire. People think sounds same. But the reality is different.

Few examples:

  • Not a bad food doesn’t guarantee good food
  • Not an ugly girl doesn’t guarantee a pretty girl
  • Not a bad idea doesn’t guarantee good idea
  • Not a fool doesn’t mean brilliant

But the reverse “does” exactly what it guarantees. “Good food guarantees not a bad food” and “Pretty girl guarantees not an ugly girl”.

Another bad think in this mindset is, good candidates may also fall in bad candidate categories as the areas where interviewer are not able to predict candidate’s right value are treated as suspicious and consequently goes in bad candidate categories. But none worry about this as they are sure that they didn’t create space bad candidate and also saved organization from loss to be incurred by a bad hire.

Many interviews think that if a person is not in red zone, then he/she is in green zone. The fact is they may be in yellow zone. That’s why many interviews are ended up with hiring not good hire (and of course not a bad hire).

We don’t have right statistics about losing right candidate to create impact interviewer’s decision makings. But this should be an excuse for any interviewer. A right hire can change the organization’s face to the world. We can take many companies as example that started with one strategy/product/service and got great success with different strategy/product/service. It clearly gives the indication that how their right employees created the difference.
So, Interviewer should be conscious in hiring good candidate rather than avoiding bad candidate as first one always guarantees the second one. And there is no yellow zone here. If one is concerned about avoiding bad hire rather than getting good hire,  he/she may get shadow of original rather than original. And we should understand that shadow is not original. Let us look for real talent.


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