Finally! A Systematic Solution For Bad Hires!

bgDo you know 80% of your managers are affected by bad hires and a single bad hire costs as low as $100,000?

Do you know a company can double their profit by not doing anything but just avoiding bad hires?

Do you know 67% of your company’s service or project failures are made by bad hires?

Are you looking for 0% in

  • 78% are falsification resumes
  • 40% are inflated salary claims
  • 33% are falsified references
  • 30% are altered employment dates
  • 80% are the employers affected by bad hires

Are you looking for solutions of following historical problems that every organization is living with thinking that “they can’t be stopped”?

  • Fake in Experience
  • Fake in Project Contents
  • Fake in Technologies used
  • Fake in Competencies
  • Fake in Roles played
  • Fake in Award received from employers
  • Fake in Achievements performed
  • Fake in Profit Ratio generated
  • Trend of candidates’ accepting offer (Demanding one employer with other’s)
  • Reason for leaving his previous companies
  • Losing track record of performance made in every companies
  • Nonexistence of Communication channel to reach candidate’s employer to clarify anything
  • Pseudo Companies
  • Imposture referees

Do you feel no system exists:

  • To block a candidate who faked, from all the companies
  • To block a company which just sells experience certificates and the candidates who got the certificates from this company and escaped from verification
  • To block an institute which does not exist and candidates who produces certificates as if received from here
  • To find the gap in employment
  • To stop a candidate who is trying fresh in next company after caught in background verification

Do you seek a scientific tool to find a talent? Do you seek a system to notify you when top talents in the world start looking for job change? Do you seek a scientific tool to track skills candidates really used in his/her experience? Do you seek a system that gives 100% genuine candidates, measured by scientific methods? Do you get only advice everywhere but not the solution/system anywhere? And finally, Do you want everything in less than a second? Then keep watch  which will be ready by end of Mar-2014. ­­­­


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