10 Amendments To Check If You Are In Right Work Place

Check if you are in right work place

Most of the employees have no reason to join in a company other than their package and perks. But every employee expect reasons other than, again, their package and perks for continue staying. There are lots of studies state that, the salary alone will not drive an employee to stay in a company actively.

Every reason not only affects the employee but also the company directly or indirectly. For those who are in feeling that they are not in right work place, I would prefer them to move to other company. This will give benefit for both of them. But the problem is Employees, many times, are not able to conclude if they are not in right work place. Here I am listing the 10 amendments which every employee can use to confirm if they are in right work place.

  1. Inspiration
    You should see at least one person, who can be one of organization leaders, managers or colleagues, who inspires you to your heart.
  1. Integrity
    You should be in a team where it has good amount of integrity inside and with other teams in your organization. And company should encourage this culture always.
  1. Clean Goals
    As a professional you should be able to set your goal very clean, your team should have clean goal and your organization should have very clean goal.
  1. Good Example
    Your mangers and leaders should be an example for your professional activities, rather than simply sitting and giving commands.
  1. Vision
    Your organization should have clear Vision and the Mission to reach them. Your team, of course every team in the company, should always be aligned with that one single vision.
  1. Clear Communication
    You should get communication, timely, of all the matters that’s expected to convey you professionally.
  1. Give Your Best
    You should get the opportunity to show your best, for at least half of your work time. Or you should be able to create an opportunity to give your best.
  1. Support
    You should get enough and positive support from your management and leadership team for your ideas and executions.
  1. Encouragement
    For every success you should get the right encouragement and right recognition.
  1. Focus on team’s interests
    Company should spend time and money to hear and solve your acceptable professional interest and needs, always.

Failing to get 10 out of 10 means, you should considering either changing your team or company. You can talk to the right people in your company to find a place where you can get 10 out of 10. If you don’t find a place inside your organization, then this is the day you need find outside.


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