Recruitment 2015: End of Social Media!

Social Media in GraveyardWe have been following the traditional recruitment process, where companies’ requirements and candidates’ profile meet together in a common place, for more than 10 decades. In last 2 decades the century old manual hiring process automated and along with the popularity of Internet, online recruitment portals also become popular. But still the same traditional process followed strictly. Of course without changing the fundamental of traditional process and job portals, it is impossible to create new way of hiring.

Social Medias are newcomers who raised their hands to stop traditional searching. They showed new way of hiring process. And they are doing Lion walk proudly claiming new era of hiring has started. Of course this is true in some context.

The way Social Medias’ revenue gets increased, the same way traditional job portals’ revenue also gets increased. Though there is some difference in growth rate, still traditional portals are growing in their way. This clearly indicates that Social Media are not sustaining one. It is very sure that recruitment is going towards new platform. And social media are part of this transition and they are driving the transition to the new era of hiring techniques. I believe social media are far behind the techniques which are expected to sustain for at least couple of decades.  Also we supposed stop word “Process” now, as there are no process will be exist but only techniques.

This transition to new era is in super-fast pace. So I predict in next two years, by 2015, the new era will be started. Here I am sharing some key factors that will drive the recruitment in 2015.

  • Resumes or CVs will be no more prepared.
  • Talents are known to every recruiter.
  • Talents will have more respect than ever.
  • Measurement unit for talent will be available, where skills, number of experience, academic score, place of academics and country will not be given any values.
  • Candidates’ interview performance will play only 25% of their wining possibility.
  • Recruiters will be informed automatically when a particular talent is available for job change.
  • Recruiters will be knowing candidate’s genuinity before even approaching him.
  • Loyalty, Genuinity and Talent will be equally measured and data will be available for measuring the same.
  • Talents but not smart, smart but not talent will have to work hard to gain their ground.
  • Previous, Current and New employers will have a channel to discuss about a candidate at any time.
  • Recruiters will be able to discuss with candidate’s managers and HRs without even knowing their names.
  • Companies will have control over their employee’s job descriptions for whole life.
  • Faked candidates will lose their ground of survival permanently.
  • Companies or Recruiters will not post their open positions in multiple job portals or multiple social media but only one place. This will be made available very easily to everyone and every site.
  • New Recruitment Culture will be created where what we think as wrong may be treated as correct and what we think as correct may be treated as wrong.
  • Employee’s internal appraisal rating will create impact of his whole life performance.
  • Word “Candidate” will not be used but only “Talent”.
  • Talents will become part of companies’ success rather than being part of companies’ projects. Hence Talents will be known to everyone.

Social Media are far behind to provide all these techniques to make available. And to provide these as they have to change their fundamental designs which is hard to making it possible. If they don’t provide, I would say that it is going to be a sunset for social media in recruitment industry.

Also with growing addiction rate to the social media it is not a good idea for recruiters to rely only with them for their filling their open positions, as soon many rehabilitation centers will be opened for saving social media addictions. If that happens, social media will be seen in different form than now.


2 thoughts on “Recruitment 2015: End of Social Media!

  1. Interesting article. We beleive in some of your concepts and as such have already designed and are running an app and pc system for free that allows companies to achieve many of the things your are speaking about. Yes the future of recruitment is changing

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