RydSoft.org is the Innovative and Emerging Software Company which is looking for creating unique but greater space in the world of technologies. RydSoft focuses on the creating software which will help every individual of our mankind. In general, Unresolved complex problems are the sources of our products. We believe that the world is moving towards touchless and contactless communication in all the forms. To address them, we are doing research in Augmented Reality (AR) and we have started our product development in AR as well.

We are also working on a project which will be dedicated to the people purely for society benefit with no expectation of any income/profit.

We are working on 4 great trend setting products.

1. etsCouncil.com – A Portal for Employee Talent History

Employment Tracking System designed to address the issues that every company is having for finding a right talent. etsCouncil.com gives Talent History (Similar to Credit History from banking system) to every employee of every organization along with a scientific measurement unit called Talent ScoreTM to evaluate talent of every individual. This will help every genuine talent to secure his space in his industry and every company to have highly talent and best cultured people.

2. Salvager.org – Bridge to find missing children

1 child is missing for every 4 seconds and it is keep growing. This is really heart breaking number. With improved technologies and so many social networks are exist, the count is still being increased. And many people found a missed child then spent their time for finding their parents and finally they gave up as they could not find and then handed over child to local government body or leave it alone. We realized that there are no systems exist to create a bridge for both the sides, though both sides are actively searching to find each other. To address this, we are developing salvager.org which will help people to find the missed child. This also will support finding missed very young babies or missed mentally disorder child/persons with the help of their one simple photo.
International Missing Children’s day is May-25. We are confident that on May-25 people will have Salvager.org available.

3. Automatic Toll Payment (ATP) – An Augmented Reality Product

We land into Augmented Reality from this product. We are developing ATP by which vehicles can keep moving without stopping at any toll gates. This also will provide Vehicle Theft Protection to the vehicle owners and help to government for catching the criminals if they cross any toll gate.

4. Car PoolingSave fuel, Save Earth, Save Happy

With growing oil prices and deficient in oil availability and the growing traffic congestion sharing a car or vehicle will become a future mode of transport. To support them, we are building “Car Pooling” App which will support travelers to share their vehicle each other in simple ways.

Twitter https://twitter.com/pkp_rydsoft
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/pkppandi
Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/pkp.rydsoft.7
eMail pkp@rydsoft.org

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